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Linda (Little) Freire
Museum Chair

Years With Pan Am: 1980 – 1991; Flight Attendant, Flight Supervisor, JFK Manager Personnel, JFK Assistant Base Manager

“Pan Am Museum is the path to bring Pan American World Airways, our family, our legacy and our history to life. You call it the world, we call it a new home.”

John Luetich
Director of Curation And Historian

Years With Pan Am: 1975-1991; Pax & Cargo Revenue, RKL; Res Agent, PAB; Programmer/Analyst, RKL

I grew up with Pan Am, as my mother was an executive secretary at Pan Am headquarters from 1943 until 1981, and as a child I went on family vacation trips all over the world, flying in many types of classic airliners, including DC-3’s, Connies, DC-6’s and DC-7’s, Viscounts, Electras, Caravelles, Comets, and Convairs, most memorably flying to Europe first class (President Special) in 1959 in a DC-7C, with a flight time of 13 hours from New York (Idlewild, now JFK) to Shannon, returning from Lisbon on a flight with an even longer duration!

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Michael H. Levchuck
Museum Treasurer

A University of Notre Dame Alumni, Former Adjunct Professor at NYU and Pan Am enthusiast

“I am happy to be part of this incredible mission to keep and maintain a place to honor the Pan Am Legacy at Pan Am Museum.”

Phillip P. Keene
Director of Communications

Years With Pan Am: 1988 -1991; Flight Attendant, Purser

“More than just a place to work, Pan Am created a family that I am proud to still be part of.”

Captain John Marshall
Director of Flight Operations Outreach

Years With Pan Am: 1964 – 1991; Pilot, Manager of Flight Standards

“I married a Pan Am Purser, Ms. Carla Scheidker, to this day I call her my lovely wife. I am delighted and excited to be a part of Pan Am Museum, a such a worthy endeavor.”

Diane Krumholtz Lyras
Director of Special Events

Years With Pan Am: 1977 – 1991; Labor Relations, Reservations, Account Manager, Sales Administration Manager, Special Projects and Assignments

“I am passionate about helping keep the Pan American World Airways story alive for generations to come and am most grateful to serve the Pan Am Museum.”

Wil A. Alveno
Director of Marketing and Donor Relations

Years With Pan Am: 1988 – 1991; Reservations, WorldPass Frequent Flyer Department

“As a Pan Am Museum Board Member, I have been given an opportunity to give back to the one entity that made it all happened for me – PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS.”

Diane (Jeans) Studeman
Director of Outreach and Corporate Sponsorships

Years With Pan Am: 1963-1964; Stewardess

“When the founders of the Pan Am Museum Foundation initiated the strategy to provide a Museum to bring to the public and future generations the pioneering history of Pan Am, it was an honor to be associated in this mission. Flying for the ‘world’s most experienced airline’ was a great privilege and it influenced millions of travelers from all cultures.”

Deborah Gaudioso
Director of Social Media

“A Pan Am Brat, my parents met while working together in the Pan Am Building, New York City.  So truly, I bleed blue.  My background in marketing and photography has led me to help tell the history and legacy of Pan American World Airways through our efforts at Pan Am Museum.”

Janice Faia
Director of Special Events

Years With Pan Am: 1968-1982; Purchasing Clerk, General Telephone Sales – Reservations, Travel Agency Special Services Desk, Reservations, Sales Representative – Manhattan DSO, Account Manager – Manhattan DSO, Manager, Leisure Marketing – Marketing.

“In the words of Jim Stengel, ‘Our legacy is how we spend our time and who we spend it with.’ I could not be prouder to have joined forces with a more dedicated group in an endeavor to preserve the heritage of the company that brought us together.”

Pamela Freytag

Years With Pan Am: 1967-1976; Stewardess, “Quarter-Timer”

“When I was a fourth grader, a Pan Am Stewardess came to my grammar school for Career Day, complete with stories of exotic places and posters of far off lands. I knew then that someday I wanted to wear that classic blue uniform with the winged hat and see the world. My flying career began in 1967, with the 707 (still my favorite airplane) and ended with the 747. My love for Pan Am has never waned and being part of the Pan Am Museum Foundation is my small way of ensuring that the Pan Am Legacy continues.”

Patricia Boyce Iassogna
Director of Legal Affairs

Years With Pan Am: 1979-1991, Flight Attendant, Purser

“When we say that Pan Am is Family, for me this is quite literally true. My Father was a Pilot for Pan Am for over 40 years, bringing his flying adventures back home to us after every trip. My sisters and I became Pan Am Flight Attendants creating our own flight adventures. It is now my honor and privilege to serve on this Board to preserve the Legacy of Pan American World Airways for future generations to enjoy.”

Tom Betti
Director of Special Projects and Grants

A Norwich University Alumni with a Masters in History, Author, and former Pan Am Passenger.

“I am most honored to be a part of the Pan Am legacy. As a young boy on the upper deck of a 747 in 1991, my imagination was forever captured by this great airline. Today as a historian and storyteller, what excites me is there’s so much yet to be told. Though the six-decade history of the airline is best remembered for its numerous technical advancements in aviation history and standards in luxury air travel, it is the past stories of the people at the heart of Pan Am that resonate and inspire across generations.”

Wendy Sue Knecht

Years With Pan Am: 1979-1991, Flight Attendant
Bases: Miami, Los Angeles
For me, Pan Am was the foundation for a life full of education, adventure and understanding of the world we live in. Experience is the greatest teacher of all, and I will forever be grateful for the experience of working for Pan Am and the extended family that still exists today. It is my great honor to serve on the Pan Am Museum Foundation board.

Penny Warner Powell
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