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Establishing the Pan Am Museum Foundation

Still Soaring

“Our Mission at the Pan Am Museum Foundation is for us to educate, celebrate, and inspire present and future generations by preserving historical and diverse personal stories of Pan American World Airways.”

To employees, Pan Am meant more than a paycheck. It was a home. And co-workers were family. Because of those relationships, many former employees recall their Pan Am years as the best of their lives.

After the last Pan Am planes landed on December 4, 1991, the employee community never lost their love for the venerable institution that was Pan American World Airways.

In 1992, a group of volunteers led by Ed Trippe, son of Pan Am’s President and CEO Juan Trippe, founded the Pan Am Historical Foundation. They acquired the company’s remaining assets, including 64 years’ worth of documents, photographs, and audio/visual material — and archived them at the University of Miami.

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Board of


Linda (Little) Freire
Museum Chair

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John Luetich
Director of Curation And Historian

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Michael H. Levchuck
Museum Treasurer

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Phillip P. Keene
Director of Communications

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Captain John Marshall
Director of Flight Operations Outreach

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Diane Krumholtz Lyras
Director of Special Events

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Wil A. Alveno
Director of Marketing and Donor Relations

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Diane (Jeans) Studeman
Director of Outreach and Corporate Sponsorships

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Deborah Gaudioso
Director of Social Media

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Janice Faia
Director of Special Events

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Pamela Frytag

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Patricia Boyce Iassonga
Director of Legal Affairs

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Penny Warner Powell
Tom Betti
Director of Special Projects and Grants

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Wendy Sue Knecht
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Advisory Board

William O. Studeman

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James Patrick Baldwin

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Gianfranco ``Panda`` Beting
Alfred Gilbert

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Atul Kumria
Pan Am Museum

Foundation Staff

Linda Rapacki
Administrative Assistant
Amanda Anello
Administrative Assistant
Kate Ludwid=g
Retail Consultant

Founding Members

Charles Lindbergh Gold Founding Members

  • The Boeing Company
  • James Duff
  • ​Maurice J. ”Jack” Grainger
  • William G. Karns, In Memory of his wife, Bente E. Vahl-Hansen
  • Phillip P. Keene
  • Northrop Grumman – Inaugural Gala VIP Reception Sponsor
    ​and Gold Founding Member

Ed Musick Silver Founding Members

  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Condit
  • John T. and Mary K. Cusack, In Memoriam
  • PKF O’Connor Davies – Henry and Linda Freire
  • Elizabeth Ehrler
  • Captain Haakon “Hack” Gulbransen, In Memoriam
  • Suzy Shanbrom-Krabbe
  • Captain Dino Vlahakis

Founding Members

  • Cornelius Van Aals
  • Nelson F. Abdullah
  • Adams, Beeby, Blaze, Botts, Chilson, Ford,
    Holaday, Kriske, Toscano, Steputis Group
  • Kenneth W. Andersen
  • Captain Joe and Leslie Anding
  • Margot and Charles Appleton
  • Helen Lindgren Astleford
  • Donna and Sebastian Astuto
  • Ms. Masako Baba
  • John L. Baczynski
  • Jill Wien Badger
  • G.W. Bailey
  • Evalina Barth-Bowen
  • Edward M. Battestin Jr., In Memory of his wife, Una (Pat) Battestin
  • Miriam G. Bauer
  • Joan M. and Derek Benham
  • Sharon Benjamin, Raven Benjamin and Shannon Benjamin
  • Sibylle Janotte Bokelberg
  • Annegret Botur
  • Hazel R. Bowie
  • Theresa Brennan and Beth Sullivan Lawrence
  • Kiyoko and Walt Brown
  • Joseph R. Brown
  • Cornelia Buerklin
  • Diana Cable
  • Lissie Nielsen Carino
  • Kalena M. Champlin, In Honor of her grandmother, Audre’ B. Swan
  • Kalena M. Champlin, In Memory of Ethel (Pat) Williamson, Ingrid Lundert, and Theresa (Terry) Phillips
  • Jamie P. and Alfred J. Chilson
  • Amy Chu
  • Patricia Chu
  • Mary Higgins Clark
  • Jennifer Coutts Clay
  • Ellen Hunt Cohen and Don Cohen
  • Mariann Garafalo Coleman
  • Wm. Randall “Randy” Cone
  • Janet A. Conrad
  • Clare J. Christiansen
  • Martha Wilbourne Cummings
  • M. Kelly Cusack
  • Joseph William Dalton
  • Joyce Danoekoesoemo, In Memory of Nieves Larracoechea
    and the Crew of Pan Am Flight 103*
  • Alba Davidson, In Memory of her husband, Kenneth R. Davidson
  • Jackie DeCicco and Linda L. Marinelli, In Memoriam
  • Ana M. DeVoe
  • Mary Ann Newell Dietrich
  • Cathy Dorr
  • Nina Driessen-van der Ree
  • Marit Haarberg Doucet
  • Julie Ann Ebers
  • Ron Elliott and Mark Tamagni
  • Charlene Dale Engelbrethson, In Memory of Charles K. Dale, Flight Engineer JFK
  • Karin Ewald
  • Helena Farquharson
  • Lora Reed Ford
  • Friends of the Los Angeles World Wings International Chapter
  • Friends of the Chicago World Wings International Chapter
  • Cynthia Foss
  • Debbi Martin Fuller
  • Nancy Hult-Ganis
  • Brendan Gately
  • Bruce Gately
  • William D. Gawchik, In Memory of Sue Smith Gawchik
  • Dorene and Roger Goad
  • Chris and Richard Goldstein, In Memory of Captain Don McKibbin
  • Claire L. Graham, In Memory of her father,
    Air Commodore Freddie Rump, C.B.E, R.A.F.
  • Paul Gronert, In Memoriam
  • Hannelore Hainke
  • Bob Harrell
  • Leslie Ann Hogan
  • Anne and Jace Holman
  • Bob and Marianne Hubert
  • Captain Sumner K. Hushing (Retired)
  • Jeanne Feldmeier Jackson
  • Siri Jacobson
  • Tori Andersen Johnson-Kelso
  • Allen and Martine Kantrowitz
  • William and Claudia Kelly
  • Aleta Jean Kennedy
  • Roger L. Klein
  • Wendy Sue Knecht and Dr. Kalman Edelman
  • Harry Korner
  • Ursel L. Kratt
  • Joan (Wieseneck) Lamonica
  • Koster Landis Family
  • Martine A. Lardeau
  • Jim Leonard
  • Patricia A. Lewis, In Memory of Captain Gary Stoecker
  • Marie Sterbenz Lindell
  • Ruth Loewenstein
  • Rosemarie Lusty
  • Ron Marasco
  • Captain John A. and Carla Marshall
  • Masao Masuda
  • Tracy Maxwell
  • Christel and Edward McCarthy
  • Nancy Ryder McCarthy, In Memory of Anthony James (A.J.) McCarthy, Pilot/Engineer and Major U.S.M.C.
  • Jean McKaig McCown
  • Captain David “Mac” McLay
  • Inger S. Mejean, In Memory of her parents
  • Jeffry Melnick
  • Lisa Merandi
  • Honorable William and Mrs. Angela T. Monroe
  • Joan L. Moyer, In Memory of Noelle Berti-Campbell and Helga Weiss
  • John Mulroy, In Memoriam
  • Marilyn Murphy
  • Peter and Carol Murphy
  • Peter J. Murphy, In Memory of Forrest (Dick) Whitcomb, Pan Am Captain
  • Susan Gibbs Murphy
  • Masako Nakamuta and Jeffrey Vigneault
  • Ralph and Ruby Nishimi, In Honor of
    Pan Am’s First 7 Nisei-Sansei Stewardesses**
  • Nobuko Oganesoff
  • Julie O’Reilly, Dave and Angela Wilson
  • Walter L. O’Shea
  • Stephen C. Orr
  • PAN AM AWARE, In Memory of Mary Goshgarian
  • Susan R. Piallat
  • Gladys Del Valle Picket
  • Marilyn Jane Porto
  • Neal A. Prince, RA, ASID
  • Candice Schwab Provines
  • Jack T. Race
  • Geraldine Lee Redpath
  • Elizabeth Heyerdahl Refsum
  • Cyndy Renoff
  • Norma Reubel
  • George A. Rogers
  • Andres E. Savi
  • Maricruz Sawaya
  • Christine L. Schott, In Memory of Carl. C Schott
  • Lone Pendersen Schweitzer
  • Barbara Sharfstein
  • Marianne Shugrue, In Memory of Martin R. Shugrue Jr.
  • Andrea M. Sidor
  • Marilyn Slattery, In Memory of T. Bernard Slattery
  • Deirdre M. Slevin
  • Alicia Smith
  • Captain George and Eleanor Smith
  • Jean Smith
  • Willard Smith, In Memoriam
  • Rhea L. Spear
  • Carole and Clinton Stanfield
  • Captain Thomas J. Stone (Retired)
  • Romlee Stoughton
  • Bill and Jim Studeman, In Memory of their father, Captain O. J. “Stude” Studeman, Admiral William O. and Diane Studeman
  • Donald G. Sullivan
  • Marlies Suter
  • Audre’ B. Swan
  • Audre’ B Swan, In Memory of Ethel (Pat) Williamson, Ingrid Lundert and Theresa (Terry) Phillips
  • Joanne Buerklin Swift, In Memory of Captain Errol L. Johnstad
  • E. Najla Tanous, JD
  • Cheryl A. Taylor
  • Pamela Borgfeldt Taylor
  • Edward S. Trippe
  • Diane and William Toby
  • Lorrie Hackensmith Vigneault
  • Lee Ann Visnapuu, In Memory of her father, Leslie C. Vickery, FRO
  • Eugene P. Vricella and Jill Ramsfield
  • Sonja Halvorsen Vukasin, In Memory of her father, Captain Lars J. Halvorsen, Captain of the B-314s
  • Brooke Walker
  • Paul Ware, In Memory of a gifted friend, Errol Loy Johnstad
  • Jeffry L. Watson
  • Pamela White
  • Richard Wiese, Jr.
  • Carol Cosad Young
  • Marianne Zaalberg Van Zeist

World Wings International Chapter Founding Members

  • Annapolis Chapter
  • Bangkok Chapter
  • Boston Chapter
  • Dallas Fort Worth Chapter
  • Florida Biscayne Bay Chapter
  • Florida Treasure Coast Chapter
  • Fort Lauderdale Chapter
  • Hawaii Chapter
  • Houston Chapter
  • London Chapter, In Memory of the Crew of Pan Am Flight 103*
  • Manhattan Chapter
  • Miami Chapter
  • Oslo Chapter
  • Paris/Brussels Chapter
  • Phoenix Chapter
  • Portland Chapter
  • Princeton/Philadelphia Chapter

Pan Am’s First 7 Nisei-Sansei Stewardesses

  • ​Ruby Mizuno CA
  • May Hayashi TH
  • Louise Otani TH
  • Marian Tagawa CA
  • Jane Toda TH
  • Katherine Shirom TH
  • Cynthia Tsujiuchi TH
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