Pan American Round-The-World
From San Francisco to Hawaii, and New York to London and Paris, the romance of overseas luxury air travel resonated across the world
Having been serviced between San Francisco, and Honolulu, Hawaii in 1949, the Stratocruiser was the first Boeing commercial transport model built since the Stratoliner. This aircraft had set a new standard for air travel with its luxurious designs and services offered to its passengers.
An Era Featuring, The Boeing 377: Unsurpassed Luxury in the Sky. The double-decker Boeing 377 Stratocruiser could fit up to 100 passengers in tasteful luxury. A circular staircase connected the extra-wide main cabin to a lower-deck beverage lounge. As the innovative aircraft carried passengers across the ocean in pressurized comfort, the cabin crew prepared hot meals for 50 to 100 diners in a state-of-the-art galley.

Did you know?

Boeing built 56 Stratocruisers between 1947 and 1950, and they marked the company’s first significant success selling passenger planes to airlines in other countries.

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