Welcome to the Jet Age
Twice as large, twice as fast, and many more times efficient, Pan Am’s new passenger jets made air travel obtainable to nearly everyone.’
Pan Am was the first airline to operate the Boeing 707 and christened Jet Clipper America at National Airport on October 16, 1958. The 707 quickly became the most popular jetliner of its time as it was used in widespread international, transatlantic, and transcontinental routes while it was in service.

An Era Featuring, The Boeing 707: A Catalyst for Growth.

The world got a little smaller on October 26, 1958, when Pan Am flew the newly introduced Boeing 707 on its first commercial flight from New York’s Idlewild Airport to Le Bourget in Paris on October 26, 1958. Revolutionizing air travel and kicking the jet age into high gear, the 707’s popularity led to rapid developments in airport terminals, runways, airline catering, baggage handling, reservations systems, and other infrastructure.

Did you know?

A new terminal at Idlewild International Airport opened in 1960 and was famous for its 4-acre “flying saucer” roof suspended far from the terminal’s outside columns by 32 sets of pre-stressed steel posts and cables.

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